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Tour the Frederick ATC Tower – May 26th at 5pm

Ever wanted to see what our local controllers see from the tower?  Get a better feel for who you are talking to and how things work in their world?  Joni us on May 11th and come along to get a peek behind the windows of our ATC Control Tower.  Space is limited so contact the front desk at 240-529-5500 to reserve your space!

PLEASE NOTE:  This post previously indicated Wednesday May 11th which was an error.  We will be visiting the Maryland State Police Hangar at Frederick Airport on Wednesday May 11, and this tour will be Thursday May 26th.

Cross-Country Breakfast Flight – June 11

Looking for a nice trip to log some X-C time and have a good meal? On June 11, FFC is hosting a fly-out breakfast trip. Join us for a morning flight for breakfast at Sugar Buns Cafe at KESN. We’ll be gathering at 7am (coffee available) at the Frederick Flight Center for wheels up at 8am!

The FFC airplanes are reserved for this trip so sign up and join us. Fly with an instructor, by yourself, or with a friend. This trip will count for cross country time for Private Pilot or toward Instrument Rating. Bring a safety pilot and you can both log the time (if properly rated of course)! Contact your instructor or the Front Desk to sign up!

Students, Owners and Pilots – Meet your Mechanic at 6pm on April 29, 2016!

EngineMike Stanfield, Director of Maintenance for the Frederick Flight Center, will be meeting with staff and customers to discuss aircraft maintenance practices, safety, and issues that affect all pilots and passengers.  Come join us, learn more about how the planes you fly are kept up and running in tip-top shape, and what you can do to help them stay that way!

Whether you are a brand new student pilot, working on your instrument or commercial ratings, or a highly experienced pilot, some baseline maintenance knowledge is always a good thing, and no matter how much you already know, there’s always something you could learn.  We strongly encourage ALL students and renters to attend if possible!

This event will take place in the classroom at Frederick Flight Center at 6pm on Friday, April 29, 2016 and refreshments will be provided.  Please contact the front desk at 240-529-5500 to RSVP so we can account for the correct number of attendees.

AOPA’s National Aviation Community Center Movie Nights Return for 2016!

Each Summer for the last few years, AOPA’s National Aviation Community Center (NACC) has hosted a series of open-house movie nights throughout the season. The monthly events are returning this year, with the first viewing a little over a week from now on April 23. The family-oriented events are free, and include free hot dogs as well as opportunities to fly in a simulator and explore aircraft on the ground. This year’s schedule includes:

April 23: Apollo 13 (Rated PG)
May 28: Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom (Rated PG)
June 25: One Six Right (Rated G)
July 23: Planes (Rated PG)
August 27: Planes: Fire and Rescue (Rated PG)
September 24: Up! (Rated PG)

The NACC is located at 296 Bucheimer Road, just south of Frederick Flight Center, right here at the Frederick Municipal Airport. See you there!

NACC Movie Night Flyer 2016

Flying with Allergies – Capsule to Cockpit: 60 Hours?

While the spring weather brings the beginning of beautiful flying weather, it also brings the onset of allergy season. As pilots, we need to know the possible adverse side
effects from flying congested and the FAA accepted medications to keep us flying with allergies!

Flying with AllergiesFlying with congestion, either brought on by a cold or allergies, can cause severe pain due to ear block or sinus block.
(Aeronautical Information Manual Section 8-1-2) Gain in altitude will just make the symptoms worse. Ignoring this can even lead to hearing damage.

Understanding the side effect of medications is essential. You probably know not to take common night-time cold and flu medications and jump right into the airplane. But do you know the FAA required wait time for taking such medications? It is a surprising 60 hours! Many of us may not realize that there are specific amounts of time to wait after taking an OTC medication. Be sure to check out AOPA’s medication database. They have an extensive list of prescription and over-the-counter medications, including whether they are FAA approved and the required wait time. You can search by drug name, or by condition.

Don’t let something like pollen keep you from flying! Know the facts and make sure to assess your fitness to fly using IMSAFE!