Airline Transport Pilot

Want to be a Captain for an airline? Fly an A380 or 787? See the world while flying planes and getting paid to do it? This is your rating.

The Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating is the top rung on the ladder, requiring you to demonstrate the greatest precision in your flying, the most detailed knowledge of your aircraft systems, and the most thorough understanding of all facets of flight. Flying for any scheduled passenger carrier will require the ATP, and once you achieve it, you’ll be among the best trained pilots out there.

If you dream of being an Airline Captain, this is your goal, and we help you achieve it, whether you’ve never flown before, or been in the cockpit for years. Reaching this level takes time, dedication and skill, but if you aim to fly for the big boys, we can help make the dream come true. Many of our graduates now fly for the airlines, and a number of our instructors have been there too. Don’t hesitate to call and let us get you started today!