Complex & High-Performance Endorsements

Once you’ve earned your Private Pilot License, you may find that you wish to fly faster, more capable aircraft. Many of these planes are designated as “High-Performance,” “Complex,” or both, and flying them requires an additional endorsement to ensure that you understand the differences in their behaviors.

A “High-Performance” airplane is any plane with at least one engine that produces over 200 horsepower. The added power output of these engines has a significant effect on the airplane’s performance and capabilities, but with a bit of training from our expert instructors, you’ll be ready to go, and have a new endorsement in your logbook.

A “Complex” airplane is one that includes moving wing flaps, retractable landing gear and a variable-pitch or constant-speed propeller. As the name suggests, flying a complex aircraft introduces additional concerns, and makes proper operation a bit more complicated, but also delivers greater performance, better control, and a variety of additional benefits depending on the plane.

Our instructors have taught many pilots to fly Complex and High-Performance planes safely and skillfully. They can help you improve your skills as well!