Instrument Rating

In the world of Aviation, it’s often said that a Private Pilot License is your “license to learn.” Once you’ve got your PPL, you will undoubtedly find that you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of flying on your own terms, but as a responsible pilot you’ll also recognize that there are times and circumstances under which it is simply better to stay on the ground. If you wish to expand your flying world, you have more to learn, and for many pilots, the Instrument Rating is the next step.

Earning your Instrument Rating is often described as learning to fly again, from the ground up, and with a different approach, but you’ll still be building on your existing skills. You will learn to fly the plane safely when you can no longer see the ground or the horizon, by combining all of the information available in your cockpit with data from Air Traffic Control and a refined set of techniques for flying the airplane more precisely than before. This new skill set will make you a better and safer pilot, with greater control of your aircraft, but it will also allow you to fly when the weather is less than stellar. While no pilot and airplane can safely fly in all conditions, an Instrument Rating greatly increases your flexibility and will place you a step ahead of many pilots in your skills and abilities.

If you wish to fly commercially, this is essential, but it is also a great skill set for any pilot, even if you never intend to fly on a cloud or rainy day. Contact Us about starting your Instrument Rating today!