Want to fly a larger, faster aircraft? Fly for an airline?  You may find you want to fly a multi-engine aircraft, and you’ll need your Multi-Engine rating to do it!

Flying a twin can give you a great deal more flexibility in your flying. Besides giving you potential for more speed, more cargo, more seats and longer travel distances, a twin can provide extra peace of mind when flying over large expanses of water or remote terrain. Balancing these advantages though, a multi-engine plane has unique characteristics that you must become familiar with in order to fly safely.

Multi-engine planes have more complex fuel systems, extra engine instruments, more controls, and different performance characteristics due to the aircraft’s design and the extra power of the second engine. In pursuing your multi rating, you’ll learn all about how these systems work, and how to manage them to your best advantage. Once you become skilled at managing the twin, you’ll be well on your way to a faster and more comfortable world of flying. We can get you there, contact us for more information!

At the Frederick Flight Center, we conduct multi-engine training in our Piper Aztec.