Private Pilot

The Private Pilot Certificate is the most common rating sought after. For those that are seeking to make a career out of aviation, it is the first step along their flight training to become professional pilots. For those looking to become pilots for fun, a Private Pilot Certificate is all they’ll need. The Private Pilot Certificate is all one needs to fly an airplane safely without a flight instructor on board, and allows pilots to carry passengers on their flights. 

How long does it take to earn my Private Pilot Certificate?
The Private certificate requires a minimum of 40 hours flying time, however the national average is closer to 65 hours of flying. Everybody learns at their own pace, however training should go faster the more you fly. At the Frederick Flight Center, we recommend you fly two to three times a week to keep your flight training as efficient as possible.

What does it take besides the flying time?
Outside of the cockpit you’re also required to receive ground training either through an in-class ground school or an online ground school program. This ground school will give you the knowledge required to be a safe pilot not only to pass the FAA mandated airman knowledge test and to successfully complete your Private Pilot checkride with a Designated Pilot Examiner at the end of your training.

How much will it cost?
Besides being probably the most common question we receive, this is also a source of much concern and unfortunately, many abandoned dreams. As mentioned above, the more often you fly while training, the faster you will likely be able to earn your license. While this may mean a higher cost per month, it will also mean a lower total cost for your license as you will spend less time re-learning and re-gaining proficiency lost between flights. Because of the wide variety of circumstances, experiences and learning styles, it is impossible to pinpoint a total cost for your license, but for most students the total costs will fall between $9,000 and $15,000. It is also essential to bear in mind that these costs are not due up front, and if you are concerned about the cost, please contact us: There are scholarships, grants, government programs, and a variety of options for financing the costs of your training – we can help you to find a way to achieve your goals!

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