Frederick Aviation Explorers – Varies

From the Frederick Aviation Explorers:  “Frederick Aviation Explorers (Post 320) is a part of the Learning For Life Exploring program. The Exploring programs are co-ed youth development programs providing real-world, hands-on, experiences in a variety of career programs.

Our post is focused on careers in aviation and we are fortunate to have as our sponsor and charter organization the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. Some of the experiences Aviation Explorers can participate in include: flights in military transports, helicopters, gliders or single engine general aviation aircraft. Trips to Air Force bases, aviation museums, air shows, airports or FAA facilities are activities that explorers may be given the opportunity to participate in.”

The group meets on a variable basis in the National Aviation Community Center at Frederick Municipal Airport.  For more information, see their facebook page or contact post leader Brenda Tibbs at