FFC Fly-Out to KCGE – March 25th at 9am

Hey out there FFC family! The weather has been delightful recently, and we think it’s high time for a group flight. Join us on March 25th (April 1st is our backup date in case of poor flying weather) as we fly to the lovely Kay’s restaurant at Cambridge-Dorcester (KCGE) for a nice meal and a bit of hangar talk with fellow pilots and enthusiasts.

Are you a pilot with a bit of discomfort regarding the SFRA? Never flown through the VFR corridor before? This is a great opportunity to give it a shot. If you’re concerned, book an instructor to fly with you, and we’ll have a short meeting before we depart to go over filing and flying procedures for the trip and answer any questions. Like many things in aviation, with proper planning the SFRA and Corridor are no big deal. This is a perfect opportunity to see for yourself and open up a wider world in your flying.

Plan on a 9am gathering, wheels up at 10am to be at KCGE and Kay’s by about 11am. To join us, contact the Front Desk (240-529-5500) to reserve a plane and let them know you’ll be joining us for the fly-out so we can make our arrangements with Kay’s!